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Project Concept

Berlin Mondiale focuses on initiating, guiding, and qualifying cross-generational and multi-discipline artistic collaborations within the context of migration, forced displacement, and exile. Both professional and non-professional artists who have experienced forced migration and who find themselves structurally and institutionally excluded from access to resources will cooperate with dedicated partners from a variety of Berlin-based institutions.

Network partners include newly founded migrant self-organizations (MSOs) and well-established arts and cultural institutions as well as protagonists of the independent performance scene, refugee accommodation centers, and community-based projects. As a structurally relevant project, Berlin Mondiale supports the development of city-wide networks, thus facilitating creative encounters, kick-starting processes and implementing artistic programs.

Importantly, these cooperations are long-term oriented and intended to become firmly established both within arts institutions and the general cultural framework. We would like to contribute to creating an environment that enables people to independently strengthen community agency and action, to interconnect, and to eventually enter crucial positions.

Berlin Mondiale supports projects that are interdisciplinary or related to individual art sectors such as the visual arts, film, literature, media, museums, music, theater, dance and performance. Understanding art as an opportunity accessible for everyone rather than an elitist sphere of high culture, we focus on formats such as workshops – ongoing series as well as self-contained programs during school holidays – as well as excursions, exhibitions, or media labs.

Creative processes and cooperations developed within the network will be subject to quality criteria. These principles were established to govern the work of cooperating partners with regard to diversity and needs-based orientation, and to ensure that the political context experienced by the project participants will be taken seriously.

Between its foundation and the end of 2019, more than 60 initiatives and institutions from the arts and cultural sectors have become part of the Berlin Mondiale network. The long-standing and continuous cooperation has led some network actors to begin charting new territory: Increasingly, former “tandem” partnerships are joining forces in local networks and coalitions. Individuals and groups are sharing rooms, experiences and expertise, empowering each other in mutual dialogue. Former project participants, often with an undetermined residence status themselves, assume creative positions, for instance as workshop leaders and assistants, or pedagogical consultants.

In line with our philosophy, Berlin Mondiale contributes to advancing the opening-up of our partner institutions regarding diversity of staff, audience, and program. As a rule, the management and/or decision makers of participating institutions are actively involved in our cooperations, being encouraged to promote and facilitate such an opening-up within their own organizations. Big cultural players in particular have both the opportunity and the mandate to take into account the entire society and extend the scope of their influence beyond the boundaries of the project.

As a comprehensive competence center, Berlin Mondiale offers or facilitates process-accompanying support, systematic consulting and programming guidance, translation, supervision and workshops dedicated to special topics. In addition, resources gathered during the process will be made available on our website.

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