19.03.2021 13:00

The city as laboratory:
Urbanism, art, cultural education.

Possible new ways of togetherness

  • What kind of poetic and political forms can we imagine?
  • What kind of processes of listening, mediation and dialogue are necessary?
  • Why art and cultural education?

Friday, 19 March 2021. 1-6 pm on zoom.

Now more than ever, the public space has become a space to be together in times of Corona. A space that becomes a stage to experiment and to find new ways to live the city, to inhabit and to produce it.
At our last network meeting in November, we asked ourselves what Urban Practice is and needs in these times and in the context of migration, asylum and exile: An office for political sweets? More poetry in the city? A kiosk for collective wishes?
Together, we want to take some of these images, questions and claims one step further. Over the course of one afternoon, we will think about the new possibilities of art and culture and the privileged role they play within the processes of urban transformation.­­­­
PART 1, 1-2.30pm: 

The city as laboratory: Urbanism, art, cultural education.
by Maria Muñoz-Duyos followed by a discussion
(in German. The lecture will be recorded and translated)
PART 2, 3-6pm:

in small workshop groups (2 rounds) on these topics:New processes of mediation, connection and dialogue: Artistic practice in times of CoronaNew, possible, political spaces: Between neighbourhoods and administrationsThe public space as stage? Mobility and flexibility of cultural institutions within the cityCity as poetic space: the right to enjoy, being lazy and experiencing the city with all senses­­­­
­­­­You can find a little inspiration for the workshop here.
Please let us know if you want to participate until 11 March 2021 by writing to You will receive the zoom link once you have registered. For PART II/EXCHANGE: please let us know 2 workshops, that you are especially interested in and whether you prefer English or German language.

It is also possible, to only participate in one part of the event.
We look forward to seeing you!