About us

Berlin Mondiale is a Berlin-wide network of cultural practitioners and artists of urban practice.

What we do

We want to support good art and make it visible and structurally accessible to everyone—art that is as radically diverse as contemporary, burgeoning Berlin. Since 2014 we have therefore been initiating, facilitating and enhancing artistic collaborations in the context of migration, asylum and exile:

We bring together people who would otherwise rarely meet face-to-face.We find and open doors and create spaces.
We support and facilitate cultural practitioners, institutions and self-organised projects in conceptual, practical and process-oriented ways.We advise different ministries and actors for a diverse urban practice and for broader participation in art and culture in Berlin.


2014-2015The idea of Berlin Mondiale was developed in 2013 by members of the Council for the Arts and the Refugee Council Berlin who sought to open up access to art and culture to people who have to live in shelters for refugees. In 2014 Berlin Mondiale was launched and established institutional partnerships between cultural institutions and accommodations for refugees in Berlin and various formats of cultural education for and with children and youth were implemented in tandem. Thus, a network of cultural practitioners in the context of migration, asylum and exile grew, which, especially in 2015’s so-called “Summer of Migration”, was able to react flexibly to the new requirements through the established structures. By fall 2015, the network had almost doubled in size. For the first two years, the enterprise was supported by the Project Fund Kulturelle Bildung and has since been under the auspices of Kulturnetzwerk Neukölln e.V.
2016-2017With funding from the Integration and Security Master Plan, the number of cooperations increased further from 2016 to 2017, extending into all twelve districts of Berlin. Since 2016, independently organized project groups, migrant self-organizations, independent associations and initiatives have also been included in the network. Berlin Mondiale has developed into a diversity-oriented hub for competence and contacts for artists in exile.
2018-2019In 2018 and 2019, the project was sustainably consolidated as a city-wide and multidisciplinary network of urban practice. Since its founding in 2014 and until 2019, more than 150 actors and institutions have worked creatively together through Berlin Mondiale. Over the course of several years, former and continuous collaborations increasingly joined together to form larger local networks.
2020-2021Since 2020, the Berlin Mondiale is therefore in a new project phase and is increasingly working on emerging urban hubs. We are concentrating on social spaces with a cultural infrastructure deficit, especially in BENN quarters. Together with new and old partners, participatory laboratories of urban practice and local networks are to be created. Currently we are working, collaborating and networking mainly in the Wassertorkiez in Kreuzberg and in Marzahn. Further hubs are in the works. Stay tuned! Our detailed concept as well as our basic principles of collaboration (Status 2020) can be found below.

What is “urban practice”?

Urban practice combines the real perspective of local activities in urban social spaces with both an artistic and a strategic-political perspective of urban development and cultural policy. Urban practice is interdisciplinary: participatory elements, performative formats, research-based action, empowerment, community building, neighborhood work, cultural education, sociality and culture, participation, theater, dance, visual arts, architecture, and much more all find a place. (Status 2020, see: AG Urbane Praxis of the Council for the Arts.) For Berlin Mondiale, urban practice is above all radically diverse, collaborative and informative. As a network, we use artistic strategies to tackle societal tasks – through interventions in neighborhoods as well as at the structural level.