Parliaments to the many!

Almost 10 million people are not allowed to vote in Germany because they don’t hold a German passport. They are therefore excluded from democratic decision processes inspite of the fact that, on average, they have been living, working and contributing to society in Germany for more than 15 years. Studies show that children and grandchildren of people without the right to vote are less politically active or take part less often in elections, even if they have the right to do so. This does not only weaken democracy – it also gives 4,5 million voters with an extreme right-wing worldview, racist and nationalist attitudes greater weight.

The signatories of the 32 declarations of the many – among them, Berlin Mondiale – deal with the advancement of democracy, not only in their artistic practice, but also by actively promoting change: with individual and common, regional and country-wide activities in favour of the right to vote for all. More information on the campaign by Die Vielen: DIE PARLAMENTE DEN VIELEN – Die Vielen