Wasserwerk: Opening!

By the end of 2021, Berlin Mondiale wants to set up 4 nodes in the city with its network. We are therefore very happy about the first new cooperation in this project phase with the Berlin Refugee Church (EKBO, DWBS): The “waterworks” kicked off with an opening ceremony on July 2nd. From July 6th, we will start with a holiday program of workshops and cultural offers in the languages ​​of contemporary Berlin. All information about the program can be found on the Facebook page. We have also redesigned the courtyard for the waterworks – open to everyone to sit in the shade on hot summer days. Berlin Mondiale has been working with the refugee church on the temporary play streets since May 2020. Together with artists * and actors * from the network, Berlin Mondiale played on Wassertorstrasse every Sunday from May to July 2020 with artistic activities.